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Our Vision

Values and Drive

Values and vision are created from within a company and grow alongside its development. But only if they are fostered and promoted. We are very much aware of our responsibilities here at suprima.


The individual has always been our main focus at suprima. The patient as well as the carer, the employee as well as the customer. Our products are meant to relieve the stress for a patient in his or her particular situation as much as possible. Less stress for the patient also means less stress for the carer.


At suprima, we place a lot of emphasis on tradition and long-term relationships with our employees and with our customers and suppliers. We always try to support our retail partners with whatever they need. That includes premium quality products, marketing support and expert training. We develop customer relationships with the goal of many years of mutually beneficial relations.


We thrive on new market challenges. That allows us to develop alongside the needs and expectations of our customers.


We make sure to always look back as well as forward. Both directions are important to us. We look back to learn from the past and look forward to new challenges and tasks with enthusiasm – and in terms of business – to assess markets and opportunities correctly. Our decades of experience in the industry are an invaluable asset. Take a few minutes to look around our website to find out about our company and our services, and discover the potential and added value we can bring to your quality of life. 

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